Hey, I know this show isn't really well known, but the latest season of The Venture Bros. is getting just golden. Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick are geniuses. It's a cartoon on adultswim. I'll give a quick description of the show:

The show is about the adventures and misadventures of 'super scientist' Doctor Venture, his twin sons Hank and Dean, as they combat their nemesis, The Monarch. It's a throw back to old school cartoons (Johnny Quest makes appearances, and they have the whole 'good guys vs. bad guys' thing, even though almost everyone on the show is completely incompetent). Except Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. Other characters include Brock Samson (former Venture bodyguard, current OSI agent), Col. Hunter Gathers (my favorite, as he is based on Hunter S. Thompson), and a litany of other characters (Wikipedia about the show, and the characters, because I can't even put it all into words without writing a thesis). Also has 'David Bowie' in it (well, no spoilers here but if you are watching the current season...yeah).

And the picture of all the characters is missing a few folks, so here's Col. Hunter Gathers:

So, anyone watching? If you're not, I really suggest it. It's pretty much the one show I look forward to all week. Go Team Venture!

Edit: Wow, lot's more than I expected! Too bad I'm stuck at school, or I would so be watching it now. Go Team Venture! :D

Double Edit: Mechisiva! Mechisiva!