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Anyone ever change their hair b/c of a breakup?

Because I’m pretty sure I just did because of my anger about Donald Trump. My hair is naturally kind of a strawberry blonde color (kind of like this model’s color right here).

In the past, I have gone platinum blonde, brunette, fire engine red, and (in one short case) purple as a way to process a post-breakup grieving session. This is actually a thing.


Since before I met my husband about 7 years ago, I have been staying close to my natural color with some highlights. Anyway, last night, I go to the hairdresser and I’m like NO FUCK MY LIFE and come outta there with my hair significantly shorter than it’s been in a decade and this color:


If it doesn’t LOOK that different from those photos, it’s like, going from being like, blonde with some red in it to Carrot Top.


The reason I was prompted to discuss this monumental event in the world, is because I texted my mom and her response was “what are you 14" and I thought, yes, yes, this does sound a lot like 14-year-old me (and 16, and 19, and 22).

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