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Welcome To The Bitchery

I've seen people I've known on OkCupid before, but it seems like there's an unspoken rule about not engaging people you know IRL on there. I received a message earlier from an attorney at my firm that simply said "I think we know each other". He knows we know each other, because we've worked on several projects together and see each other in the halls often. I can't figure out if he's flirting (I'm totally not interested), or if he genuinely can't figure out where he knows me (I talk about my job in my profile, so he should be able to put two and two together). I don't want to engage and have him think I'm interested, but he's a shareholder and I'm staff so I feel like I can't ignore it either. This is so awkward…

Update: I sent this response: "I'm pretty sure we work together." Now let's hope he doesn't respond, and I can avoid him at work for a few weeks.


Update 2: He'd like to keep our encounter "our little secret". Too late, I already texted three work friends about it. Plus, if he hadn't messaged me I would have never known he was on there. He's out of my age range and would have never popped up in my matches.

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