No this is not about that ring.

On February 3, 2017 the third movie, hard to believe 2002 and 2005 were the first two. I loved the first movie.

Rings deal with this ring. Actually a mashup would be fun.

I loved the first film in 2002 a smart mystery and horror film. Second was also good. I loved how the movie really took apart each frame of the haunted video to really tell the story.


The ghost Samara on one level you felt sorry for her. The other level you felt “stay away”.

It is based on the very good Japanese film Ringu which I watched. I suggest watching both versions.

Now the ghost is actually a Yureiūrei from Japan. But as you all know now a famous type of American ghost because well we Americans coopt everything cool. There was even an interesting haunting series on youtube called The Haunting. There are other series too. The Haunting is the best.


Did anyone like the Ring 1 and 2?