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Update: Jamie Foxx where do I start? He played George Jefferson yet his utter flub in the All In The Family took for me out of his character. But his portrayal showed my main problem with the show.

It came across like a SNL sketch, except for the one playing Gloria it was so over the top such forced exaggeration. On All In The Family it was particularly bad with Harrison and Tomei. The one playing Gloria did a really good job actually it was toned down.

The Jefferson’s I thought was far better. I loved Wanda Sykes as Louise Jefferson. Marla Gibbs was a wonderful surprise. I thought everything gelled better on the Jefferson’s then All In The Family. It still came across like an SNL sketch but closer to original series. Family was just something I would expect SNL to do if they used the original script.


I do not want to see another rerun of the cast doing All In The Family. I would like to see them to redo more Jefferson’s episodes. Providing Foxx does not flub his lines as badly as he did tonight.

Update over. 

I grew up watching both shows yes they are both dated when it dealt with politics. No one can replace O’Conner and Helmsley though. They were born to play these roles. Archie could have been a 100 percent horrible human being but O’Conner always gave him humanity and the ability to grow. I had a college teacher who lectured about AITF and how Archie was the perfect example on how we have the capacity to evolve and learn.

Also better not make me like Meathead I hated Meathead, he loved himself and always came across like he wanted to be smartest man in the room and I truly hated him for leaving Gloria. Although she was better off without him. It was clear he wanted to be center of her world not their son.

I loved The Jefferson’s and the actor who I thought always stole the scenes and was so funny and that was Paul Benedict. The most unappreciated actor in the show. Benedict was also fantastic in 1970s Goodbye Girl the movie. Is Harry going to be on? Benedict played Harry.



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