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Anyone have a brick wall I can bang my head on?

It would be far easier than dealing with bureaucratic bullshit, which is what I’ve been doing all day.

Trying to get a driver’s license in my new state. I need a license/ID to register the kids for school, register to vote, get a library card, apply for medicaid, etc. I have my old (still valid) license, my birth certificate, my social security card, and a signed and notarized affidavit from the friend my kids and I are now living with. I have no proof of residency at this address, except for that affidavit. I have no credit card, no bank account, no job, no rent or mortgage, no bills in my name... and so, according to the DMV, I don’t exist.

The first guy I talked to told me to go and get my credit report, print it out, and bring it in. That’s a problem, because a) I have no credit, b) 2 out of the 3 credit bureaus also told me I don’t exist, and c) the one I was able to get doesn’t have this new address on it. I printed out what I could get and brought those in, and the lady I talked to next said, basically, too bad, so sad.


My friend took me to her bank, where we set up a joint account, because one of the “proofs” the DMV will accept is a bank account. So we set that all up, went back to the DMV... and I was told that a bank account must be 30 days old to qualify.

I gave up. I don’t know what else I can do right now, except wait for some “official” mail or something.

Tomorrow, we’re going to go and attempt to get my son registered for high school. I don’t know if we can, with no ID, but I have to try because school starts in 3 weeks and I don’t want him to miss freshman orientation. Cross your collective fingers for me, GT!

Oh, and then, the icing on the shit cake that was today... I get a message from my sister that I need to talk to my 3rd son about boundaries. I was like, wtf are you talking about? She tells me he sent her some videos of horse porn on Facebook! I talked to him, and he swore total innocence, so we checked his Facebook... turns out, he got hacked and someone apparently sent horse porn videos to everyone on his friends list. School friends, grandparents, everyone. He was very upset and embarrassed, and sent apologies to everyone and asked me to message his friend’s parents and our family members to explain. And yes, he changed all his passwords and everything!


Today just sucks.

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