Guys, I have really been wanting to adopt a fuzzy friend. However, Foxylocksley has never had a pet, and so he's tentative (although more in a "I don't know what that will be like," way than a "I don't like animals" way). After pondering a lot of options, I've been seriously considering a pair of caveys. From what I've read, they are social and cuddly (unlike a bunny) but can be contained to a (large) cage/pen while we are at work so we don't have to worry about messes or scratched furniture. I think our house and schedules would work well for GP ownership: we have lots if yard space, and I like to hang outside and read in sunny days (which is most days because...LA) so they would get outside play time (in a pen of course); we work during at least half of the days of the week, but most evenings and days off we are home, so they would get a good amount of floor/cuddle time; and we have enough space for a good sized cage/pen.

There are several rescues nearby—one of which is really big on offering bonded adult/baby pairs to make sure they are not only not lonely, but also have a buddy you already know they like and the babies have a good role model.

Since Foxylocksley is unsure, I definitely don't want to just get a pet he may resent. So, my plan is to make an apointment with the rescue for is to just go hang out with some guinea pigs, and let Foxylocksley get a sense of them as a breed and individuals.

Anyway. I would love feedback from anyone who has/has experience with guinea pigs. What are the pros/cons of GPs? What may I not be considering?