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Anyone have Mary Poppins' Phone Number?

So, I'm planning to go back to work in a few months, and I'm looking into childcare options. Because I'm a person with better luck than I deserve, I've found a fantastic family in my neighborhood also looking for childcare for their son who's only two months older than Baby Ruth. They're interested in doing a nannyshare with us, which is awesome, because that means I might actually be able to afford a nanny. The daycares I've toured so far have been...bleak.

To complicate things, I have a third (very dear) friend who has a wonderfully-behaved four-month-old daughter. This friend is going back to work part-time in January, and wants to have the nanny also watch her daughter for roughly 8 hours per week along with the other two boys. I'm fully ok with this, and am only interviewing nannies who are ok with (occasionally) watching three babies. The rest of the time, she'll just be watching Baby Ruth and the other woman's son.


My question is, how should I offer to structure pay for the third child? The way I see it, it could be done two ways:

1) Just make it part of the deal, and pay the nanny a flat rate. This would net the other mom and I a discount of whatever we charge the part-time mom, which would be welcome as the nanny share will already stretch our budget. But, doesn't seem quite right.

2) Offer the nanny a bonus for the days she watches the third child, and just have what the part-time mom pays count as extra "hazard pay" above what we already negotiated for the two kids.

And, how do I calculate what the third part-time mom should pay? The other full-time mom and I are initially budgeting to pay about $3,000 a month to the nanny between the two of us.


Finally, anyone know any good nannies looking for work in the NYC area? :)

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