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Anyone here have two Fitbits?

I’m wondering how easy it is to switch between two devices.

A couple of years ago I bought the Fitbit Zip, just because it was the cheapest model and I wasn’t sure how much I’d really use it. It turned out, I actually love the Zip! It’s spent most of its time clipped to my underwear so no one can even see it.

Then I found some third-party wristbands that are great to use with the Zip when I’m working out. I’ve also been using the wristbands the last few weeks during an exercise challenge at work so I am forced to be more aware of my step count throughout the day.


I decided at this point I’ve used it enough that I could justify buying a pricier model so I just ordered the new Fitbit Alta and the pink leather wristband.

But I think I’d still like to wear the Zip for really intense workouts because even though the Alta is obviously sweat-resistant it still looks kind of fancy for getting super sweaty. And I like having the option to clip my Zip to my underwear so it can be totally hidden.

I’ve found a couple of things online that indicate it should be fine to switch between the two but I’d love to hear from anyone who has experience with this. If I keep my Zip in my gym bag, will Fitbit get confused by the fact that it will probably get a few dozen steps while it’s just getting transported from house to office to gym? Do you have to sync the steps from one device before switching to another?

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