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Anyone Here Not Want To Celebrate Christmas This Year?

I always liked Xmas but this year I hate Xmas music with a passion. I always had a like/hate relationship with it. Now Xmas music is now an absolute hate.

What is there to be Merry about? We have a Dotard as President, we have a republican party that is nowhere like the one I grew up with. I cannot imagne the party of Ford or even Dole ever letting Trump run the party.

We have 600k plus in Alabama voting for a man who in almost 100 percent likelyhood molested a 14 year old and was banned from a mall for pursuing teen women while he was in his 30s.


I am not stupid though I will take advantage of all Xmas sales and day after clearance sales.

I would prefer not being told Merry Christmas I will say it back because its polite. J will not initiate it and most certainly will not be told to say it by a president be it Trump or anyone else.

I am.fully embracing my inner Scrooge and just going to say



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