I don't have the Arabic handy, because I only have a translation (it's medieval Arabic from Ibn al-Qutiya's Ta'rikh Iftitah al-Andalus). Artabas says to al-Sumayl (an illiterate) "Truly God has honored you - you have status and power. I only honored that man (Maymun al-abid) for the sake of God Most High! The Messiah - peace and praises be upon Him - has told us: Whoever of God's servants has been honoured by Him, should honour all his fellow men."

Now, the Messiah refers to Jesus, but I'm wondering if the italicized portion is a reference to Islam's conception of Jesus and comes from the Qur'an or if this comes from Arabized Christianity in al-Andalus. I feel like it has to be the former, but I want to double check.