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Anyone here with ME/CFS?

Hey guys, how’ve you been? As some of you know I’ve been trying to recover from getting burned out about 3 years ago, following a period of sickness. I’m currently on welfare which is running out and I’ll soon have to ‘prove’ my inability to work to the state. This has obviously opened up a whole lot of feelings and questions around the whole ‘why am I not better yet’ because after 3 years time, the only things I can say with any degree of certainty is that I can’t do more than 10 hours of concentrated anything, that headaches are part of life always (I probably have been headache free about 5 days the past year & very very mild headache about 10 times) that there is no telling if next week will be average, great or terrible, that I get fatigued when I challenge myself & that I am a weak noodle. About two years ago I could jog about 3 x 10 minutes (slooooowly), but I haven’t been able to do more than 8 minutes (not consecutively, separate intervals) this year and that the lightest of stretching will give me sore muscles.

All this has brought up the question, or the wondering if maybe there is something else going on here. There have been many things at play here (I only recently discovered I have ADHD & how this influences my life and the medication tango for that makes life a little more erratic too) so I am by no means convinced that there is. However, I have begun to wonder. Especially because sometimes I can do a thing and everything will be fine, but then I do the same or a similar thing and I’ll end up bedbound for days or weeks with severe headaches. Sometimes I can relate it back to feeling pressured or stressed, sometimes not. The physical response does sometimes feel way out of line but then again, burnouts can be unpredictable so whose to say.


Anyway, this has made me wonder if ME might be something I should look into if this all doesn’t improve in the next 6 or so months. (I really hope it will!) I was wondering if anyone here has ME/CFS (Thanks for pointing that out!) and if you’d be willing to share how you found out & how this affects your life today.


(I’ll add another post with a higher entertainment value ;))

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