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Welcome To The Bitchery

I have been scared for the path this nation is taking. The other day a DHS person said there is a overcrowding of detentions of undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers.

Trump so reminds me of President Featherstone a racist who rose to power via popularity of the radio. Part of the last four books concerns the genocide of African Americans this started due to you got overcrowding of detention centers. Featherstone had ordered detention of all African Americans Featherstone and his killers pretty much kept it hidden beyond need to know.

I am so scared and getting more convinced we will find mass graves after Trumps reign is over. Genocide is not abnormal in our nation just look at what we did to Native Americans like the slaughter at Wounded Knee.


Trump has already referred to immigrants as infestations and separated children. Cruelty is the point. Now we see them talking about overcrowding genocide I fear will be the outcome. Trump is more then capable of this.

I have already been having nightmares about Trump.

Am I wrong? Did Turtledove get too close to our reality?  

Anyone else have nightmares about Trump especially dreams of his tweets? 

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