ETA The USAA guy is here and got the car going — it was the battery (or maybe the alternator, don’t know 100% for sure but PROBABLY the battery).

If someone could share this with Oppo Lock that would be awesome. Please someone car smart help. Here is an adorably sleepy baby duck as a bribe:

So today our 2014 Hyundai Sante Fe won’t start. Or do anything, really. It’s like the electrical has completely disappeared — we can’t even manually lock/unlock the doors (the whole car electrical, apparently).

We’ve only had the vehicle a couple of weeks and while it’s a 2014 it’s brand new (so no prior damage). No idea what’s happened, but it’s very inconvenient as we promised my in-laws they could borrow it while they visit us in their RV and now they obviously can’t.


We’d just tow it to the dealership but A) they’re closed for the evening and B) we’re thirty minutes away. Any ideas?

Feel free to discuss the cute duck.