Essentially I'm going to try to go to a place tomorrow, hand in an application and be all "oh hai, I'm cool, look I've got my nice pants on so please ignore that I have no experience except some extract homebrewing kay thanks here is a shiny new biology diploma to distract you."

But I am scared! It is a thing that scares me. I haven't tried applying for anything at a brewery yet because it seems that everything actually posted somewhere requires you to be able to, like, lift 150 lbs and have five years of experience (including this one (an apprentice position), but whatever) and neither are exactly happening things for me. And just turning up and asking politely is also scary. But, er, that's next after this place.

So does anyone have an idea of things I should say? Or not say? I've done basic research on the company and such.

And since this is also my first Groupthink post, here is a picture of a hairless rat with a bottlecap on her head.

ETA: Okay, so try to mention homebrewing experience, be confident, use brewing vocabulary to look like I know what I'm doing, keep an eye out for potential dudebroism, and my rat is cute. ONWARD.


E(again)TA: It went pretty well! The owners weren't there but I dropped off the application and talked to the guys working the tasting bar (managing to bring up lab experience and only being a little awkward). Plus they mentioned some other places that would be good to try. And now I've done that once it won't be so scary in the future!