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Anyone know definately answer to this SF mystery

Today at a thrift shop I came across old John Jakes novels of the Kent Family Saga. I am sure if you looked in your grandparents attic or wherever they store books you will find these books. They were megahits during the second half of the 70s.

Now John Jakes wrote this series in the 1970s early 80s about a family called Kent from American Revolution to I believe turn of the century. Now back in the 1980s I heard from a friend who heard this somewhere else this was the unofficial story of the Kent family who would adopt a child from Krypton and name him Clark.


Seeing these books brought back that memory. Googling I found nothing. I did find he wrote SF and wrote comics.

I heard of Brak books but never read them. He wrote the Brak novels in 60s?

He also wrote comics.

It sounds like it is believable that he wrote the books with Clark Kent in mind. His writing of comics and SF shores up this story I heard in the 80s that Jakes wrote this as an unofficial family history of Clark Kent.


Back in late 80s I read most of his North and South novels, the second was fantastic but got bored during book 3.

Does anyone know? It could be a myth but it sounds believable.

Also is Kent family worth reading or his SF novels? North and South 1 and 2 are worth reading.

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