So, there's this big murder trial we've been covering at work. You can read about it here. Yesterday, after about three weeks of proceedings, it was declared a mistrial by the judge. The case originally went to court earlier this year, and it was declared a mistrial, then, too. In other words, when the case starts back up again in a few weeks, it will be the third time it's gone to court. Is there a maximum number of times a case can be declared a mistrial, or can it go on indefinitely? What can either side do to, I guess, change their fortune? Both trials ended in a hung jury despite there being a change of venue in between.

I don't know much about court procedure, and this case is just so weird. I've been hearing about it pretty much every day for the past three weeks, but I feel like some of the details are still fuzzy to me because they're just really confusing. For example, a strongly contested piece of evidence in this case has been a ... sandwich that may or may not have been dropped by ... someone who shot the victim? Like I said, the details are confusing.