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Anyone Like Musical A Christmas Story on Fox?

First earlier today (after we went shopping) I watched an interview on MSNBC with a mother of a Newton shooting victim. We all know it was December 14. 2012. So when I saw Ralphie singing about how he wanted a Red Ryder Air Rifle it was jarring. Ralphie and his brother both went to the same type of school as those who died on that day.

A) Ralphie. I really found Ralphie endearing in the movie but this musical he annoyed me. He was too obsessive about the gun. In the movie I saw a child who thought of guns as a toy. Here well I thought “oh future NRA leader”.

B) Children singing annoys me. Sorry but it does. My mother who loooooves musical walked out to write checks. She finds it more annoying. The actor playing Ralphie has a good voice but still a childs voice.


C) I really did love the scenes with the father his first singing scene then when he got the lamp. The leg lamp dance routine was fantastic.

D) Maya Rudolph seemed to have had a blast. I prefer the original though. The original mother seemed completely at her wits end. The original when she talked her son to eat like a literal pig. In the movie she looked frazzled and looked like she was past her breaking point. Maya seemed like Maya playing the role of Maya.

E) The narrator the adult Ralphie. Annoyed me. By being in the scenes he seemed part of the story not apart. Also the game show fantasy why was the adult Ralph there? Would a parent of a young child fantasize about his child as a middle aged adult? I cannot imagine it.

Watch the original movie. Also I have zero desire to see this on stage.


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