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Anyone live in nation with below zero rates seems like a nuclear option

It appears our Fed Chair Janet Yellen is considering negative rates option due to world volitility along with other nations doing this. This seems like an option of utter and least resort sort of like pressing the nuckear button and hoping for this best. Low fed rates have decimated those who save. Now wanting to charge banks for holding money means yes low loans but higher fees and charging those who put money in banks.

I always felt there should have been a balance between savers and borrowers. That keeping saving rates low was a really bad long term strategy. Now negative interest who would save if they were charged.


Anyone live in a nation with negative rates. Seems really like a bad idea. Also if Yellin does drop the fed rate that move would be considered not just a retreat of her December hike but that December hike would be considered a failure. Which could undercut trust in the Fed.

Also what do people here think of Yellen.

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