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Anyone looking for some new music to listen to? You could do a lot worse than Bush, Snoop Dogg’s latest album. It’s all a bunch of smooth R&B jams, and he’s singing rather than rapping. He’s not the strongest singer, but Pharrell Williams produced the whole thing, so the arrangement and everything else plays to all of his strengths without being overproduced or autotuned to shit. This is not like P. Diddy’s ego running wild all over some vanity project trying to turn himself into the next Frank Sinatra. If the idea of funky, classic R&B grooves as interpreted by Snoop and Pharrell sounds at all interesting to you, I’m damn confident that you’ll like this album.


It’s funny and immature in a good way, like with the insistence that you don’t need just one beautiful woman dancing up on you, or even four or five, it has to be every woman in the place, which may not even be physically possible, depending on numbers. As the same time, it feels like stuff enjoyable to grown folks, and doesn’t leave you like “WTF is this new dumb shit these arrogant teenagers are yawping about?” I’ve tested it on my major music-listening activities — driving in the car, chilling and smoking weed, cooking dinner, and dancing around in the living room with the dogs, and it’s pretty fantastic for all of them.

♫ All the dogs that’s in this room, git up close you’ll feel so much better ♫

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