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Anyone move cross country in like 4 weeks? Anyone do it with a family?

Hi all.


Well, I think I’m finally going to have not one but maybe two or three offers. Two, if they happen, will be in different parts of the US. One is international (moving back to the UK where I’ve lived before). I went from saying “this will never end” to having two phone interviews in a week and a series of emails with a prospective employer than indicate they want to hire me but understand my husband needs to find a job so they are trying to accommodate him. The other place would be paying me much more (it would be a huge step up) so my husband can stay home. I didn’t know how serious they were until they started talking about compensation, relocation, and flying me out to meet with a realtor And then I got an email from a research group in the UK I applied to MONTHS ago at the demand of my BFF so I’ve got an interview with them via skype. Overall, I have a feeling something is going to work out. But in both domestic cases, we would need to move by June 1st (preferably by mid-may).

I have a million questions:

1. How do you find the right mover? In one case, we will pay relocation. In the other, I’ve already been told my potential employer could cover relocation. We plan to get rid of most everything - all large furniture. We are kind of minimalists to begin with but we still have stuff and we have kid stuff.


2. How do you sell shit? I sell things on CL occasionally but as I think about getting rid of our freezer, couches, grill, various pieces of kitchen equipment, I’m overwhelmed. Oh, and we need to get rid of one car because we are about to become a one-car family if I get an offer.

3. Can you call some place to pick up donations?

4. Tips on how to get out of a lease? We’ve never had any issues before and live in a college town. I’m sure we will be able to get our place rented but we need to have our property manager sign off. We had to sign a lease ages ago before shit blew up at my current job and it became clear I needed to move us across the country.


5. How do you handle a long trip with a dog and a baby? That sounds like hell. Like, how can we even find a hotel?

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