I take long showers on Saturdays and Sundays. It's one of my favorite parts of the weekend. It also affords time to let my mind roam freely. This morning I was reflecting on the last year and how many truly scary things have befallen me and my family, things we generally don't expect will happen to us. I mean, we can know it on an intellectual level, but I know I have to put things like that out to the periphery of my awareness or I can't function. I decided I need to put it down in black and white and that there may be GTrs who might want to do the same. Just a list. Here goes:

My mother caused me serious financial hardship with her rotten decision making

My niece's gf (now wife) was hit by a moving vehicle while they were in England (wife's home country)

My in-laws were involved in a car accident and my FiL nearly died. He's lucky to be alive and have command of all of his limbs.

One of the in-laws' beloved cats had to be put down (we really loved that little guy)


I received a layoff notice and an 11th hour reprieve three days before it was to go into effect

My cat got really sick and I was really afraid she wasn't going to make it

I had to "bump" a co-worker and put her out of a job to save my own

School complications for MrGV triggered depression for him

I had several serious mood issues of my own and had to focus every emotional resource I had to make it through work


Car problems

Other serious work issues for me

MiL just diagnosed with breast cancer

Feel free to list your own. Seeing it in black and white might help you see why you're so stressed out and/or see what you've managed to get through.