Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I just discovered free online games on my ipad. Anyways I have been playing Roblox after seeing it played on youtube. So I am playing Fashion Famous. A fun puzzle game you are given a topic and chose clothes on it.

There have been lately too many Mermaid related themes like Under The Water, Ruler of The Seas, From The Sea etc.

I refuse absolutely refuse to give a star to any competitor who puts wings on their mermaid. Also too many ignore the topics. Sorry feathers and being in the ocean makes zero sense.


I flip between genders in every other round just to challenge myself. Since its random folks each time you join I repeat themes a lot like King Elvis Mermaid or a Queen of Atlantis. I have over 1100 stars and a Top Model.

I try to label each costume when I do the runway. Its a fun game but the competitors annoy me. I do take videogames very seriously even when making joke characters they must remain in the theme. Also I had to explain my “Popular Girl” costume was based on Sandy from Grease when she first appeared. It was so obvious.

Any other good but not hard Roblox minigames besides this and Escape the Facility?

Roblox is why I have not been here much.

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