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Anyone read the Lauren Duca article(s)?

Anyone else read the article(s) about Lauren Duca and kind of perplexed by what’s the underlying journalist infighting? Here’s the recent Buzzfeed article:

Back in the spring there was an article by Anna Merlan in Jezebel ripping on Duca, but the tone of it was pretty petty, and it seemed to involved documenting some petty drama at Huffington Post (this was the article where Merlan brought up some creepy e-mail monitoring where she’s could see if/when an e-mail was read, and it all sounded a bit stalkery). Then this article, timed for the release of Duca’s new book, came out. The critiques of the book itself seem really tiny and nitpicky, as does some the critiques of her NYU class. The big “this is why Duca is terrible” thing is that her summer adjunct class went badly, many of the students complained to the administration, and allege that she bullied an ESL student. And this article quotes Merlan, and then Jezebel wrote an article about the buzzfeed article, and it’s all very circular.


There’s now more article discussing her, and I saw a lot of Twitter conversations comparing her to Caroline Calloway.

I don’t doubt that she has probably been shitty and made some enemies, and is probably a crappy teacher... but the level of it seems really mean-spirited. Especially when it’s implied that she’s a talentless writing, and her viral fame was just coincidence. I remember her Gaslighting article, and it was fantastic, both for what its content, and aiming that content to teenage girls. Even if she is a terrible person, she seems to be a talented writer, and unlike Calloway, she actually followed through in writing a book.

It makes me wonder what behind the scenes drama is going on among these journalists, and/or if some of this is motivated by jealousy aimed at trying to tank her book.

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