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Anyone Recall 1990s Cable Movies of Adultish Lousy Suspense Films?

I am not sure if this genre is still around it was erotic suspense? I recall the Queen of these was Shannon Tweed usually directed by Andrew Stevens and produced by him also. They literally looked like they were made over a weekend.

I recall she was sometimes on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. She always seemed to have loved life yet seemed very grounded which showed in the interviews with him. She seemed to know she was a horrible actress yet watching those movies she always knew they were bad, she was not a good actress but you knew she was having fun doing it and it made up for the bad script, acting and well everything. I think not taking her roles seriously and just having fun probably was why you could watch these movies.

Beauty alone would have taken her so far, if she relied on that alone her career would have gone nowhere. She was beautiful in the 90s and I confess I had a bit of a crush on her. Her attitude of not taking the role or movie seriously and just coming across as having fun was her draw.


These films used to be on circa 11:30 at night weekends. We had Cinemax and I used to stay up late watching tv alone which I no longer do. I am an oldster and have to get in bed by 11.

In an interview she said she was not a good actress but just loved and had fun doing them.

She then did a reality show which I ignored but saw her on HLN doing an interview with her husband, Gene Simmons and he just hurt her by bragging and joking about his sexual conquest. He also seemed oblivious that she had had it. He also seemed so controlling and manipulative especially when she walked off the set.  They were interviewed by Joy Behar. First time I ever saw her sad. I wanted to reach into the tv hug her and kick him. I totally despise Gene Simmons for that. It was cruel what he did. They are now married. No idea why.

Here is the interview its about five minute. I noticed acting wise she essentially retired based on her filmograghy.

Anyone recalls these films? Anyone else think Andrew Stevens just came across as a sleeze in anything he acted in post The Bastard? He appears to be just directing and producing and not also acting? He was probably not a sleeze but oozed sleeze when acting.

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