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Anyone See Judy? The Garland Movie? Spoilers








We went to see it my mother found it unrelentlessly depressing. It was very depressing. The scenes of her youth were really hard to watch.


I keep having to remember it was 1968 and intervention for drug and alcohol addiction was still years away.

Renee Zellwiger was fantastic as Judy.

Yet the portrayal of Judy had one huge problem. Her relationship with Mickey. In the movie it seemed like she knew him for about two weeks and he came across as a hustler and almost a gigolo and it gave a “what the heck are you thinking”. I read after they were dating three years before they got married, huge difference in storytelling.


It was a well acted movie although the cast seemed all unknowns except for Renee.

I wish the movie concentrated on at what point is she responsible for her actions. Yes she suffered from PTSD from her childhood and had a serious addiction problem yet I felt like the movie was saying “yes she is her own worse enemy but it’s not her fault.”.


Yet it also glosses over the fact she was in countless films including a remake of A Star Is Born when she was in her 30s, had tv specials and a tv show. It was like she lived her life until the Andy Hardy movies then her life jumped to 1968 with nothing in between. It was unfair to the portrayal of her because she was more then her young adulthood and last year of life.

The camera work, was the movie made for tv? The closeups got annoying. After a while we just got distracted and wondered did Judy wear that much white thick makeup which was perfect all the time or was it for the movie. My suspicion it was to make Renee look more like Garland. Yes it was suppose to be about her expressions but that’s a problem with closeups in movies everything is more noticeable. A close up is fine for tv but theatrical movies should be used sparingly it can pull you out of the movie like it did here.


See it for the acting of Zellwiger but that’s it. The scenes of her when young are cringy and very depressing. My mother was very disturbed when Meyer touched Judy.

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