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Anyone see Pat Kennedy on MSNBC so many thoughts tw alcoholism









Growing up like Pat Kennedy did in the northeast there is something ingrained in you at a young age. I am positive he had the same lessons it was “with a few exceptions like abuse what goes on in the family stays in the family”.


Well he wrote a book on his parents, his dad was Senator Ted Kennedy, and life with them and their issues with addiction. I understand its a disease. Saying that they had issues with it and how it affected him, fine write about it. Yet this morning on Morning Joe, my mother wanted to see the interview, Pat talked about addiction as a disease. Great to talk about. He then talked about his mother.

This is where he should have stopped. He said his mother would come downstairs at 2pm inebriated and no one would look at her and they would wish she went back to her room. His mother I still alive. I am sorry but no. You do not say this in public. Its one thing to talk in generalities about her addiction problem and its affects on him but a story like this has to be humiliating to her. His mother and brother, Ted, both disavowed the book.

I love how he and his father has done so much about addiction being a disease. His father well my mother, her friend and my grandmother loooooovvvvved Senator Teddy and the family. My mother’s friend still chokes up about death of Bobby.

If his mother, brother were ok with this then fine.

Maybe I took these lessons to heart too much. Sometimes it amazes me how much folk share about their families. Or I am too much of a Yankee.

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