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Anyone see this 1979 movie? My mother forbade me to see it. I never have

At the fleamarket this morning. I saw on the table this book.

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It was a strategy guide for a Playstation 2 game The Warriors. Well what a trigger for me total memory flashback. Whozaa.

I had forgotten about this movie. I recalled when it came out in 1979. My mother forbade me to see it.


She said “it glorifies violence and street gangs” Note she never saw the movie. At the time there was a lot of controversy about it. My late uncle’s late wife used to call up a local radio station to complain about something. Well she called about this movie saying it had no business in our area. She said the movie “glorified violence and street gangs”. Yes I do not think it was a coincidence my mother using the same line. Note she too had not seen it.

Anyone see The Warriors. It had an interesting cast of people who became big on tv. Deborah VanValkenburgh. I had such a huge crush in her in the early 80s watching Too Close For Comfort. I assume at least oldsters are familiar with the show. Lynne Thigpen numerious shows and Where In The World is Carmine Santiago.


The wikipage for the movie. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Warri…

Here is the trailer. Seriously people took this seriously? The trailer is so over the top and well idiotically cheesy and very funny. “Can you dig it? CAN YOU DIG IT”

My junior high self is saying “you gotta see this man” to me.

Anyone see this movie? Did it glorify street gangs and violence?

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