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Welcome To The Bitchery

I don't have cable. When this discussion about "Being Mary Jane" and the representation of black women in media/television came up on my facebook feed, it was the first I had heard of the show. The article focuses on the "wrong kind of black woman" backlash that followed the pilot episode, in which Mary Jane has sex with a sexy married guy.

An excerpt: "Aren't we the same ones who complain about all the black women on TV who don't have love interests? Mary Jane gets two and suddenly she's relegated to nothing more than a ho? Sure, not many of us may have found ourselves in the bed of a married man, but don't act like you've never slipped up? That's what Mary Jane did y'all — slip up. Once! And that's what makes her human. And relatable. Even if your exact transgression isn't the same, I would bet my absolute last dollar that every one of you out there has gone back to a man who you knew was no good for you in a moment of weakness. Would you indefinitely label yourself dumb, stupid, or an idiot for that one mistake?"


I think Gabrielle Union is fantastic, and I'll be watching for it on Netflix.

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