I'm talking about the BBC show based on the 1855 book about the cotton industry in Milton, England, not the '80s mini-series about the US civil war.

I am trying really, really hard to like it. Richard Armitage! I repeat: Richard. Armitage. Brendan Coyle (of Downton Abbey)! Shades of Pride and Prejudice! Costume drama!

But... uh... how come the most likeable person is the maid who shows up once an hour for 30 seconds? I have one more ep to go and I don't think it will be a surprise when the hero and heroine finally make kissy-face but I'm kind of rooting for Miss Hale to get on a train and proclaim, "Uh, yeah. Fuck all y'all and fuck this place. I'm going back to my hometown, which lit-trally has "Hell" in the name."

And did her mom die of a chilly draft or weak tea or boredom? There are few tropes I reserve this level of ire for โ€” "prophecies" is my most hated โ€” but English women dying of vague illnesses in the 19th century b/c of the climate, or something, is right up there. I mean, she looked pretty. damn. good. on her deathbed. I've seen people suffering from migraines that presented with more symptoms.