Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Anyone shop on Poshmark?

Because I kind of just made like 10 offers on shoes... and now I’m a little concerned they’ll all be accepted. WINE!

Further questions: I lowballed 9 out of 10 offers, like hardcore slashing 50% off, because of course I’m thinking the seller can just choose to ignore me. But now I’m noticing Poshmark seems to be kind of a community? Am I being the rudest?


Other thing: some of these ladies are CRAZY if they think their worn shoes from The Gap are going to pull in 50% of retail. What??? No way. I bid on shoes made to last, at least Banana Republic. ;)

Does anyone else shop consignment online? I’ve had really positive experiences with ThredUp (only buying, I hear they’re awful to sellers) and I’m always looking sideways at SnobSwap. I like buying ‘almost new’ online!

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