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Anyone Suspect Queen Elizabeth Played Boris Johnson?

When Johnson announced Queen Elizabeth went along with him suspending Parliament you knew this would seriously blow up in his face which it did. Then today when that MP got up while Boris was speaking to cross the other side thus Johnson lost the majority I realized Queen Elizabeth played Johnson.

The Queen has to know Brexit if it happens will be the end of Scotland staying and Ireland merging thus she loses two territories. She does not want to see the breakup of the kingdom under her reign.


So you have Boris Johnson newly sworn in goes for way more then he can chew and Queen says “ok” knowing he will fail. Similar to a high school freshman who rarely throws a football says “mom can I try out for High School Varsity football as their QB you need to sign the slip, please I am begging you”. . She knows her son will fail but she also knows he won’t stop annoyingly begging and it will be a lesson in knowing one’s limits. Of course he fails.

Queen Elizabeth is that mother. She played him so well. I wonder if Boris realizes it. I am so proud of her.

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