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Anyone think Chicago protests launched Trump to huge Tuesday win?

Yes Trump instigated so much hatred and stirred up hatred against protesters for months now. His attitude today at St Louis was awful.

Tonight as much as protesting is good, marches are good. I think tonight protesters may have handed Trump a victory on Tuesday, not be too surprised if its a sweep.


There was one scene that will for republicans especially white republican angry males was the African American who started ripping a paper(?) on the podium after the announcement to cancel was made. That image will just confirm in their minds what Trump was saying about protesters.

Flicking around the channels Trump has been interviewed by Chris Matthews and Don Lemon I assume Fox News is next.in the two interviews he played the “I do not want anyone hurt” line. Thus Friday night is his. Well except for Nancy Reagan’s funeral all day was Trumps since 9am the endorsement of Ben Carson. Tomorrow you know this will be the topic and all eyes will be on this weekend’s rallys Trump will give. So this weekend is his. Tonight he also sounded concern for safety for all. Well of couse he is, there is no way to spin in his favor a death.


There is such a growing racial divide. So many white seniors I know who are democrats the protests in Ferguson and Baltimore has sent many scared. They do not connect it to the 60s marches for equality but to the Watts riots. If these democratic voting senior citizens see tonight especially events in rally room as an affirmation these modern protests are connected to Watts. It makes Trump path easier..

I hope I am wrong.

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