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Barbara Tuchman wrote a book concerning August 1914 and how those events brought us a World War.

We are seeing in eleven days (its midnight of day 11) a string of events by one President that will have far reaching effects. Yet one common element in the eleven days so far is how scattershot it is. ACA Executive Order one day, Reproductive Rights another, politicizing National Security another, the WALL another day, Muslim ban other. Later this week it will be on LGBT rights. All Executive Orders.

I suspect its all suppose to keep us off balance. Its almost mentally impossible to keep track of it all without prioritizing. This is my fear because its so scattershot that folks will be so concerned about the latest outrageous he signs the previous ones get put on a backburner.


just last night three hours ago he fired the Acting AG. Making all dissent punishable via firing. I suspect the memo that was sent out to be signed by State Department officials voicing objections will be fired.

After a month how far reaching will this be? Could the 30 days of the Trump presidency rival events of 8/1914?

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