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Today when shopping I saw a new Robert Ludlum novel, a new Robert Parker novel and a new Tom Clancy. Of course there is the Queen of The Dead Authors V.C. Andrews who has had a far, far longer and vastly more prolific career dead then alive. She has a new book out. The King of Dead Writers is Don Pendelton who wrote 36 Executioner (Mack Bolan) novels but there have been at least 400 more since his death, none best sellers.

That’s not including very retired authors like W.E.B Griffin and Clive Cussler. My understanding their sons took over their father’s writing business.


Patterson is in a catagory all by his lonesome. Tom Clancy once shared it but Clancy died. Living active writers who oversee their ghosts work although both names get slapped on the cover.

Is it my imagination except for Andrews every writer is Mystery or Adventure genre? Although I tried reading Griffin once and hated it although it could have to do with my dislike for WW2 novels and movies. Also except for Andrews and Jane Austen there seems to be no other women. Mary Higgins Clark may be the next but her reading base skews old so maybe not.

Note: Clark may be in the retired catagory like Cussler and Griffin but no proof either way. I read a few years ago her daughter and daughter in law took over.

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