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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Anyone up for a GT Yard Sale?

Has there been one of these in a while? Is someone planning one soon?

I ask because we were de-squaloring the In-Law's house last week, and I now have some really nice plus-sized sweaters and jeans (some new with tags) that maybe GT would like a crack at before I put them on e-Bay.


This one I would keep if it weren't too big for me:

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And anyway, I'll level with you guys, being wrapped up in a deadline that can't bring in more money before the deadline and not having the time to pursue the little side gigs we usually do, we could really use the couple of extra dollars that selling these off would bring in.

I need a day or so to take some better photos- I snapped that one with my cell phone and it doesn't do the color justice at all- so I'm going to go all out and pull out The Scottish Cards and the DSLRs and take an hour to teach my little sister about product photography.


So, maybe if I made a post on Sunday morning/afternoon you guys would like to join in and we could make a thing of it. I'm probably not the only one with stuff to sell.


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