Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Anyone up for another round of critique my Etsy shop?

About a month ago I got some truth from you guys (seriously, thank you) that made me start putting a shit ton of work into my Etsy shop. I've seen some seriously positive response in terms of traffic and sales as a result, and I've been able to hire someone to help out a bit with the copy and add a bunch of new inventory. Plus I got a lot of help from another reader with photography related stuff too that made a big difference. I've got more coming in, but before I start adding it, I want to have another pass at people's honest thoughts on how it's shaping up. I know it's come a long way, but I know there is SO MUCH MORE I can do with it, if I know what I am looking for and I need a second, third etc pair of fresh eyes to give me some insight. So, if you're bored, and you feel like looking at vintage jewelry, scarves, and bags etc...have a look and give it to me honestly. What do you like? What turns you off? Etc.

PS. I know some of the photos are coming out a bit fuzzy on the edges but my camera doesn't let me change settings, so it takes a few tries to get clear shots and I am slowly going back and working on that one by one as I have the opportunity (read: napping baby).


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