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Anyone Use Aspiration, A Credit Union, Or Some Other Kind of Banking Alternative?

I’ve been thinking for a while that I would like to move my money out of Bank of America, but I haven’t quite managed to take the next step.

Mainly, I’ve been looking at Aspiration as a option:


Apparently, the deal is that they offer checking accounts as well as investment accounts. (I’m probably just looking at checking, but I’m not sure.) There’s no fees and investments go to ethical mutual funds. You do choose a sum to pay them every month (between $0-10 ), but they’ll donate a portion of that to a charity of your choosing.


This all sounds good right? I’m hesitant because a) whatever else you can say about Boa, they sure are convenient. And I’m not totally clear on how much switching to something like Aspiration would complicate my life. b) I think that I’m just feeling extra paranoid about putting my money in a random small startup, given recent economic history. Everything I’ve read about this company so far has been good and they are FDIC insured, but I guess I’m just anxious.

I’ve been looking into credit unions too and I think my same questions apply there too. How much harder does it make your life to not be with a big bank? And how safe is your money?

Anyone with relevant knowledge want to weigh in?

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