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Anyone volunteer? Or Familiar With Senior Centers?

I am now eligable since I turned the big 50 to join the local senior center. I was there today for their Fair. The baked goods was way too high. Books were a buck a bag. Would have been nice if they had good books. Well they did but mostly super popular writers I am burnt out on Patterson, Clancy, Evanovich, also tons of Steele, Nora Roberts and Harlequin novels.

My therapist said it would be a good place to volunteer. Not sure about that. Seems super stressful. Well going to apply at their library.


I got a form to join amd a form to volunteer. Not sure how many early fifty folks join. Anyone know? They do have on their schedule weekly whist games. My late grandmother always took me to whist games as a teen in early 80s not all since she went about four times a week, I went once a week. I got real good. She could never get me to shuffle the cards right,.still a horrible shuffler.  Still I recall most important lessons, remember what cards were played and pay attention. Also pray you do not get stuck with someone who does not know how to play or talks needlessly. Talking needlessly leads to lapses of concentration and focus.

As she often said during hands at whist parties “are we here to play or to talk”, she took the game seriously. Yes she rubbed folks the wrong way with that including my mother who joined us but rarely.  Yes. My mother talked. My mother never took.the game seriously. She was also ticked off her mother said that to her while they were playing in publiic. Most games then had circa 30 folks with 4 a table. Each table the two sitting opposite were partners. My grandmother was an excellent partner. I hope its like that now, that lots join.


I.so miss those days. I am crying now. I will join alone. My mother said “no, I hate whist and card games”.

I sidetracked, anyways, I need to fill out the volunteer form. Do I then go through a series of interviews? I do not know if others also apply so does it mean a battery of interviews for winnowing it down? I feel stress already. The library is one room, size of a classroom but outside the door there is a bookcase of paperbacks for sale. I never went to their library only looked through the door window. The book sale was in an adjacent room. The library is open Monday through Friday from morning to about 4.


I am going to join though. For whist but also other card and board games (Mahjong) that go daily. Its one game a day. It will be stressful, but I will be with folks and not watching the news or shopping. Sick of both.

BTW any whist players?


Article on whist is above.

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