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Anyone wanna play House? TMI awkward health questions...

I smell different, i'm nauseous, my face is breaking out and it's disturbing....

Here are the symptoms:

  • I just finished period but I've had random bouts of nausea, lightheadedness, and headache for the past few weeks (similar to a low-grade migraine).
  • Usually I have mild acne breakouts before/during my period but for some reason this breakout started at the end of my period and has continued on after it.
  • I smell different and there is increased discharge. Not unhealthy looking or necessarily unpleasant smelling, but it's not my normal smell. (SUPER TMI ALERT) When I'm around women for long enough I can tell when they're on their periods because of the smell. I smell like my older sister.
  • Maybe this is me being paranoid, but I think I can see the beginnings of chin hair.

Here are the possible contributing factors:

  • I'm becoming increasingly agoraphobic, and i will spend most of the day in bed
  • I'm not eating as much as I used to- yesterday, for example, I forgot to eat until I went out with my friend at 7pm. Then I remembered and had a hamburger
  • I've also been eating more meat. I tend to eat heavier things when it gets cold out.
  • I think I'm getting depressed again...I feel ok-ish (like, I'm not crying anymore), but I've been really unhappy lately. The SexGod thing was kind of the last straw and had a bit of a breakdown after we broke up. I've missed a couple of days of work or had to leave early, and people have started asking if I'm OK whenever they see me. I don't think I look particularly un-OK, but maybe it shows?

So whaddaya think GT? Somatic? Psychosomatic? Psycho?

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