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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Anyone want to discuss the Vampire Diaries Finale? SPOILERS.

Let's make sure I don't post spoilers on the front page this time...



I pretty much hate Elena at this point. She has basically destroyed the world over and over again, ruined peoples lives, been responsible for their deaths, etc. I am looking forward to seeing more of Katherine now that she is a human and hoping for a Kat/Stephan reunion.


Speaking of which, the actor who plays Stephan is really good (and a little underrated) so it will be awesome to see him play Silas.

Klaus and Caroline are awesome together, and I am sad he is going off into the Originals. I would've liked to see him redeem himself on VD, but oh well.


I was supposed to be sad Bonnie was dead but I am not. That was an annoying haracter. Although, I wish with Jeremy they could've brought back Alaric. I hope there is a way.

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