Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

...so I can join the Halloween-ness all over this place?!

Just kidding! But not really. I'm stuck, you guise!

I'm writing a paper proposal for my class on feminism. Feminism! In a class! I am so excited to be in this class, except this paper part is hard. I really want to write about intersectionality (or the lack thereof) in mainstream feminism, modern resistance to that like #feminismisforwhitewomen, maybe explore what Mikki Kendall calls 'digital feminism'. Yay! This sounds fun! Except for one hitch.


My class isn't just on feminism. It is also on law. Feminism and the law, to be precise.


Does anyone know about a legal connection between intersectionality/the whitewashing of mainstream feminism and some sort of law? A law, or legal policy, or legal philosophy, or case, or anything! I'm in Canada, but it can be from any country. And I can think of NOTHING. I feel like I am missing something obvious here. Haaalp!


If you can't, though, unrelated stories or gifs are also welcome. I may be procrastinating for a while...

P.S. Kinja ate my post TWICE because I was trying to insert a gif of Penny from Big Bang Theory saying "I think I need help" and looking like I feel right now. So, no. No gif this time, THANKS KINJA.

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