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Anyone want to talk about the new Apple releases?

Apple is coming out with their new iPhone and watch. They’ll be discontinuing their last model (iPhone X) instead of dropping the price like they normally do. They didn’t specify why, but my guess is it’s just too expensive to offer it at a reduction. I’ve seen other people say a price drop on X would just cannibalize the sales of their newest models, so that’s why Apple chose to discontinue.

They now have three new models - XS, XS Max, and XR. XS and XS Max are the expensive ones that launched for pre-order today. XR is the “cheaper” version starting at $749 and will be available for pre-order in Oct. XR also comes in a variety of colors (that almost no one will see because it’ll be covered by a case most of the time). The XS versions only come in white, black, and gold. The gold is nice, I will admit. I forsee a lot of pretty instagram pics of arms decked out in rose gold jewelry and holding it.

What’s surprising to me is that XS/XS Max are both still available. I wasn’t paying attention during the last X release, so I don’t know if it was the same back then. I think traditionally Apple pre-orders sell out pretty quickly. Not that I blame people for not wanting these versions, since they start at $999.


The XS Max (largest screen), with 512GB of storage (largest) is a whopping $1449. You could buy one of their entry-level laptops for less than that. For only $100 more, you could buy their 13-inch MacBook air with maxed out specs.

I’m in need of a new phone, but I’ll probably go with the cheaper version. I’ll be interested in the reviews. Surprisingly, there’s not that much difference between the XR and XS models. Most notable to me: XR has an LCD screen vs the OLED on XS, XR maxes at 256GB so there’s no 512GB option (yet), the XS has two rear-cameras instead of one (but idk what perks that’d give to a typical user).

What do you guys think? Did any of you pre-order the XS or XS Max versions? I’m jealous if so, despite my comparison. If you are an Apple phone user, will you skip this release? Does anyone here use an Apple watch? If so, what do you like about it? Are you excited for their new update?

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