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I love the Goldbergs and the show is by the creators of the Goldbergs. Goldbergs is funny it was funny from the first episode and the family pulled me right in.

This show. Not funny. Mary is beyond belief annoying. Her advice is usually not good and she is always with Alice. I like Elfman. I think she was very funny on Dharma and Greg. I actually really enjoyed the show especially the parents.

The three children are horrble. The mild child I think she is an Adam clone but unlikable. The son is a total unlikable fool, although he is kind of like Narry from the Goldbergs but lacks the warmth Barry has.. The father is blah. I kind of wish the youngesr saw Mary or had her own imaginary friend for the two to interact. Having only Alice see Mary is going to get boring and annoying fast.


Elfman seriously deserves better.

I expect the show will be cancelled.

Anyone watch?

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