Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It was really good tonight.

Who sang Impossible Dream? I loved it and filled up with the scenes of JFK. They seemed more myth then real considering who will be president.


I got sad looking how old the reward recipients are now. Don Henley looked good but rest of the band looked their age. James Taylor there won’t ever be another like him. I never heard of Mavis Staples until tonight, she had an incredible voice.

I also got sad regreting I did not appreciate them more growing up.

Unpopular opinion I always thought Al Pacino was overrated. He personified chewing the scenery and emoting instead of acting. He was good in the Godfather films but after that he needed to tone it down. And Justice For All and the bank robbery film was overacting at the worst. Scarface ugh.Frankie and Johnny his most toned down performance. Still think he is overrated. I would have given the Honor to James Caan instead.

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