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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Anyone Watch Pluto TV Via Xfinity Cable? Wil Wheaton is on a lot on channel Geek and Sundry

I do and been watching Geek and Sundry channel which has a few shows with Wil Wheaton from ST:TNG. He hosts Tabletop where he invites folks to play table top games. It’s really a fun show. They also have Foreververse which has folks playing RPGs.

Wheaton is just so chill hosting Tabletop. I wish ABC picked up this show instead of the ear piercing Press Your Luck. I recall when it was first on and my late grandmother loved it. I found it so ear piercing when that demon showed up and sound he made.


Also XUMO via Xfinity is also fun to watch last week a channel had a weeklong Lost in Space marathon, literally every hour for a week. Yeah the show is really, really dated. I loved it as a kid in the 1970s but it’s so dated now. I still loved Dr Smith but that was it. Pity how the talent of Guy Williams was utterly wasted.

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