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It was on Oxygen titled Manson: The Women. It interviewed four women who were part of the Manson Family and researchers who wrote about the Family.

All four had two things in common they came from troubled backgrounds and were manipulated by Manson. None of the four were directly involved in the killings but fate not personal decisions were why they were not involved directly.

Squeaky Fromme did though try to kill President Ford.

I always thought this case was interesting because it came down to free will versus manipulation and surrendering your free will to another. Or was it an excuse?


Manson was obviously guilty of ordering those murders he stabbed no one but he ordered it. Yet were his followers just as guilty? I wonder if today if any of his followers would be found guilty? Or guilty in societies eyes by association.

It was obvious the damage Manson did lasted a lifetime, Squeaky Fromme who was interviewed tried to kill President Ford and chillingly she seemed to have some nostalgia yet I wonder if its a result of long term harm Manson did to her psychologically at such a young age.

Anyone watch? 

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