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Anyone watch Van Jones on CNN tonight? Promise not a fanfiction post

That family. I got so mad at them. The mother who said Hillary convinced me to not vote for Trump but gave no reason to vote for her. She voted for neither. Sorry with your hubby and sons voting for Trump your vote would have negated one of theirs.

I love Ana Navaro, she voted for Hillary and proved she did not do the “I voted my party” defense. We have room for her here. Republicans can learn what integrity is.

Santorum what an asshole. A young woman said she got a college education, signed up for DACA now afraid she will be deported due to her signing up, she came when she was a young child. Santarum the asshole said she can use her skills in whatever country she came from. Ana said she accomplished a lot and has a lot to contribute here and she is an American like all here and she should fight to stay.


Michael Moore said he predicted the election. He also said the democrats should do nothing but obstruct and we need to be the new tea party. A man in the audience said Trump spoke to his needs and was the only one talking about middle class jobs and ending Nafta. Moore told him Trump was lying.

Sorry these deplorables never once thought through what a Trump presidency would do. A little research would have shown he does not give a rats behind about them. A little research would have shown how often he lies.

My mother sadly defended them. She sees them as feeling hopeless and voted for a hope. I told her I feel no pity for those who do not research and think through what is being told to them by Trump. Hillary was not perfect but far better then Trump. If you wait for perfection it will never come.

My mother said not everyone is intelligent and feeling hopeless can lead to bad decisions if you cling to hope.


We are in four years of hell because of the industrial states of Pa, MI, Wisconsin and Ohio. All because of believing in the NAFTA lie and that manufacturing would come back like it was before. Sorry. New England is not going to be the center of mills again. Neither will these states get manufacturing like it was before.

What did you think of the show? Van Jones needs his own show, same with Ana Navaro. HLN has plenty of slots.

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