Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Just a fact to start off with: I detest Ryan Murphy. He constantly betrays my trust in him, first with Nip/Tuck and then with Glee. So when my sister was home visiting over the holidays and I pirated completely legally obtained some back episodes of AHS for her, I told her I didn't want to watch it, but...I ended up watching all of this season because I wanted to as much time with her as possible.


She went back to school this week so this will be the first episode where I won't be watching with her. Originally I thought I would stop when she left (I didn't really even like it that much) but I will probably end up watching it anyway. It is probably just because I miss my sister.

So do any of you guys watch AHS? Are you going to watch tonight? Is there any sort of live blog so I won't feel so lonely while I watch it?

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