I was a bit disappointed in Season 1, but Season 2 veers even further away from the book with new characters and overly dramatic plots. I’m going to avoid any specific spoilers, but the season starts with Gilbert spends time working on a ship sailing to Trinidad, and Green Gables has sketchy male boarders. Later on, there’s a lot of screen time given to the new Black character (who, surprise, experiences prejudice) and the gay character (who surprise, is bullied). It seems like they’re trying to tackle modern issues, but in a way that’s really ham-fisted and anachronistic. The irritating thing is the source material has plenty of room to explore some of these issues with more subtlety, but I don’t think the writers understand subtlety.

I miss the old 80s version and the Disney Avonlea series.

This article sums up some of the issues.

Between my disappointment with this, Wrinkle in Time, and the new Little Women miniseries, I’m wondering if I’m getting a bit curmudgeonly in a “Get off my lawn” way about new adaptations. But on the other hand... with this and Wrinkle, it’s especially egregious to me that they focus on try to overtly show diversity, while neglecting the character development of the main characters who are beloved, in part, because they were weird outsiders who ended up finding acceptance.